International Alfa Romeo Passion Meeting for all Alfisti and all Alfa Romeo modelsThe idea of the European event is that all Alfisti with their Alfa Romeo models from all over Europe meet and exchange information. Whether it’s a 4C, Bertone or a 147, it doesn’t matter. All Alfas are welcome. The Alfa Romeo Passion Meeting always runs under a motto, that is, every year there is a focus.

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Svetlana, Alvaro, Giouse and Marco

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This event has no commercial intention. We just like to create a platform where Alfa Romeo drivers and car enthusiasts can meet and get in touch.
Therefore, we do not tolerate any kind of advertisement or the distribution of any other information through 3rd parties. No burnouts, loud engine revving, racing, etc. will be tolerated.In case of any violation, we reserve us the right to urge the participant to refrain from this action or to exclude the person immediately from the whole event. In case that the participant isn’t following immediately our request, we reserve us the right to take legal action.